• Malti Patel

How to Achieve Calmness in Lockdown

2020 will go down as a memorable year because of the way life stopped as we know it and a "new normal" arose. Many people have become immersed in the fear and worry of lockdown, leading to much stress and anxiety. Change can be scary and with the routine of work/home life totally disrupted, you may feel at sea not knowing when things will return to some semblance of normality.

However, the good news is that you are in charge of your thoughts and feelings even though it may seem like the opposite! Nobody taught us how to direct our mind so that we can stay out of negativity and remain positive. It may seem like a tall order but it’s entirely possible. One of the best ways to train your mind is with Mindfulness Meditation. You may exercise to keep physically fit, but have you ever thought about mental exercise to keep your mind “fit”.

Our thoughts and feelings have a very real effect on our health even if we can’t see them. Did you know that your levels of cortisol and adrenaline go up when you're feeling anxious or stressed? This can lead to many ailments including headaches, depression and heart disease. Conversely, laughter increases the levels of serotonin which make us feel good. So in every moment, your body is reacting to your mind.

Research has shown that over time, with regular practice of mindfulness meditation, the brain's activity diminishes in anxiety related parts of the brain. This increases a person's ability to better control stress levels. There is also evidence that it helps with a range of things, all the way from alleviating depression to improving sleep patterns. Eventually, you can learn to focus your thoughts/emotions to remain in a calm state.

In these times of uncertainty, working on getting your mind “fit” will have huge beneficial effects on your overall health and well being. As you practice mindfulness meditation, you stay calmer for longer which also has positive affects on your family and the people around you. Wouldn’t you rather live a life of calm and peace as opposed to stress and anxiety? Try my relaxation mindfulness meditation on YouTube and feel the benefits.


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