Received a Recognition Award for Corporate Social Responsibility from CGI, Leatherhead, Surrey for her Mindfulness Meditation

classes which have been running there for 18 months. 

"I find that the meditation sessions are teaching me to pause and stop my mind racing from task to task.

As a result, I am focussing better on one task at a time. This means that I am less stressed and more productive." - Wendy

"I have really enjoyed your meditation sessions and think they are very beneficial.

We have such busy days that we forget to take a few minutes to ourselves and slow down for 30 mins.  

This will help me manage my stress levels, which are high, and also ensure that I focus on what is really important in life." - Pritam

"I love escaping in my meditation classes, it helps me cope with stress and relax.  I always feel better after a session and it sets me up for the afternoon – some of my best work done after a class." - Marion

"I honestly thought it was something I wouldn’t enjoy and I get quite fidgety and didn’t think I could sit and last for the duration of the class but I was wrong.

Firstly your voice really helps relax the mind I think you’re really good at what you do and know exactly what to say. And secondly I think the last few sessions I have attended has really made me feel relaxed and given me a little break in the day to have those 15 minutes to myself. Thanks again. " - Roshni

"I’ve found the meditation classes help to relax and still my mind, and I go back to work more alert and better able to focus. 

I feel more awake, productive and centred for the rest of the day." - Danilo

"I find the meditation sessions a fantastic way of taking time out from the daily stresses and allowing my mind (and body) to relax.  After each session I can say that I have felt “refreshed” and better equipped to take on the rest of the day.  It’s an excellent use of 30 mins at lunchtime and I would recommend it." - Rob

" I have always found it difficult to stop my mind from racing, but I find I am getting better with each meditation class.

 I find the meditation session really helps me to ‘park’ my stresses and worries for a while, and I definitely feel calmer and

more ‘grounded’ afterwards." - Jacquie

"The fact that it’s at a specific time in my diary means I make time for it. There’s always a positive calm energy in the room. The session helps me slow down the busy thoughts rushing round my brain. Afterwards I feel calmer, refreshed and more ready to continue with the rest of the day." - Lesley

"The meditation sessions come as a mini escape in the middle of a busy working day and at the end of it, I feel more centred and sharp." - Tea

"The meditation helps me feel calmer. It is like a peaceful oasis of calm amidst all the chaos in my office." - Sue

“I’ve been fortunate enough to attend some of Malti’s meditation sessions in person. Malti’s meditation sessions are excellent – not only are they are relaxing, with good presentation, but they also encourage and enable the listener to seek this relaxation in other situations i.e. when not listening to the meditation. Many thanks to Malti for her excellent material and presentation.” - Mark

Testimonial for presentation to Sunbury W.I.

'Malti was absolutely fantastic. I HIGHLY recommend her.  We had a full house for this talk, Mindfulness meditation and positive thinking, 60 ladies turned up and Malti was completely unfazed by such a large audience.  She was well prepared, having planned a presentation which was both informative and very engaging.  This was followed by a 10 minute Meditation which we all completely relaxed in to and enjoyed.  With such busy lifestyles and the current awareness around mental health we need to look after ourselves both physically and mentally. Malti’s presentation demonstrates this very topical and current subject in a relaxed and easy way and delivered it with professionalism and experience. Other WI groups / ladies, in fact anyone would benefit greatly from using her services. I will certainly be booking her again for next year…………….'  - Nikki